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"NUnit Test Generator has proved to be invaluable to me. It has saved me lots of time. I was manually writing Unit Tests as MBUnit does not come with an in built generator. I would strongly reccomend it to anybody. Give it a go."

Gabriel Brienza

Does the quality of your code matter? If it does, then you simply have to try the NUnit Test Generator. The NUnit Test Generator works with NUnit to make your life easier. It not only creates the stubs for the tests, it extracts the the documentation you've already written for your properties and methods! The NUnit Test Generator creates unit tests using your VB.NET or C# source code. The NUnit Test Generator is template based so it is easy to modify the output. It has templates to create NUnit, xUnit, MbUnit, csUnit, and Microsoft Unit Tests. It also has advanced features such as expanding abbreviations and intelligent return value type creation. It can generate tests for your entire project and automatically create a test project. Download today and prevent tomorrow's bugs.

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Feature Description
Saves Time Why spend all day creating stub methods and the corresponding documentation? Press a button and you are ready to fill in the blank. Most read/write property tests will require no modification.
Increases Code Coverage How do you know if your application works if it isn't all being tested? The NUnit Test Generator creates tests for all public properties and methods. Optionally it can create stubs for internal, protected, and private methods and properties. You can even create test stubs for abstract classes and interfaces.
Works with Your Existing Tests When NUnit Test Generator runs, it will not overwrite existing tests, it will only add new tests.
Super Easy to Use Choose the source files, choose the output directory and click Process and that is it
Template Based Several templates are included to create NUnit, csUnit, XUnit, MbUnit and Microsoft Unit Tests. The templates can be easily modified or new ones can be added.
Abbreviation Expansion If there are Upper Case Abbreviations such as PMT_ACCT in the source code, it automatically expands the abbreviation to Payment Account. A list of 2701 abbreviations are included which you may edit.
Command Line Tool NUnit Test Generator includes a seperate command line tool for generating code or unit tests as part of your build process.
Other Features Create an Interface from a Class. Create an NHibernate mapping from a class. Create an XSD from a class. Create a Data Read Object for a WCF Contract. Create a Data Translation Object for WCF. Create a WCF Service Behavior. Create a WCF Service Contract. Single Adapter Pattern. Dual Adapter Pattern.
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